Common Questions

Common Questions


For some people, therapy is medically necessary. Symptoms, such as those of depression or anxiety are extremely disruptive to daily functioning. For others, therapy may not feel as essential, yet because it can improve quality of life becomes an important choice. Life presents challenge to us all and sometimes the challenges are greater than we can handle without the benefit of some outside assistance. Therapy can in fact be of help to anyone desiring of help or willing to enter into the process of talking through issues to learn about oneself or a new way to handle what may even be an old problem.


There are many benefits available for an individual, a couple or a family participating in therapy. Therapists can provide support, a new perspective, and options for solving problems or even an opportunity to learn about one’s strengths and limits in order to better attain happier physical and emotional health. Therapists can help by teaching communication and social skills, improving coping mechanisms, and building self-esteem. Often therapy can help people identify patterns that have existed in their lives, which have kept them from optimal happiness. Therapy can be helpful with symptoms of depression, anxiety, or with stressful situations, relationship issues, or, a time of adjustment such as divorce or remarriage especially when children are involved. Therapists can also coach you through other life changes such as parenting children through their teens, dealing with family illness or loss of a loved one, or maximizing professional opportunities, or even just addressing daily life hassles. Our group of insightful and sensitive therapists can help you identify and focus on issues, which may be holding you back from happiness or success. Talking through life events with an objective individual can make an enormous difference in your life.


Firstly, you need to know that everything shared with our office is strictly confidential. Additionally, our therapists are experienced in working with different types of individuals who have varying degrees of comfort with talking about themselves, their past, their families and any personal issues.. We view it as our job to help you feel safe and secure in sharing. Once you reach out for our help, we take it upon ourselves to guide you through the process of making the desired changes.


Therapy is different for each person, couple or family who contacts our office as every situation has a unique dynamic and thus individualized issues and goals. Finding the right office and the right therapist is crucial to effective therapy. From your initial consult we will work to be sure that your appointment is scheduled with a therapist who can best meet your needs. You can expect that your therapist will listen to all you have to say and ask questions to best understand you and your life circumstances. Through getting to know you and areas of comfort and discomfort in your life, your therapist will work with you to define your goals for improved quality of life. Sometimes simple behavior changes are needed and sometimes changing thoughts and expectations is required. Sometimes people need someone to listen and other times structured guidance. Whatever your needs, the therapists in our office view therapy as a team process where you make decisions and establish goals with your therapist. We may recommend reading materials or other support services as an adjunct to therapy. Make the initial contact with us, and we will partner with you to guide you from where you are today to the place you want to be. Ultimately therapy progress will depend on your efforts and this is why we believe it is so important to find the right therapist who can help motivate you.


Medication may ease certain feelings of anxiety and depression or even more serious symptoms of psychological distress; however, research has shown that the use of medication without involvement in the therapy process is not effective for long-term improvement in mental or physical well-being. Medications treat the symptoms while therapy addresses the underlying cause of the distress and improvement through altered behaviors, thoughts and expectations. As needed, our therapists will work with psychiatrists or other medical professionals to find the right combinations of therapeutic intervention and medications to help you achieve a sustainable sense of well-being.


Therapy can be costly, yet the benefit far outweighs the cost.. As well, some insurance companies provide assistance in covering the cost of therapy services. As a courtesy our office staff will assist you in verifying both your in or out of network benefits. We do have therapists who are available to work with you on a sliding fee basis as needed after evaluating your insurance benefits and personal needs.

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